hand surgery - Dupuytren's Fasciectomy, Hand Microsurgery and Arthritis Surgery

Hand Surgery Procedures:

Collagenase Injections

Dupuytren's Fasciectomy

Needle Fasciotomy for Dupuytrens

Arthritis of the Hand and
Joint Replacements

Rheumatoid Arthritis
of the Hand

Osteo-arthritis of the Hand

Fractures, Dislocations
and Tendon Injuries

Microsurgery to Reconstruct
or to Re-implant
Severed Parts

Bone Grafts for Bony Defects

Nerve Reconstruction -
Nerve Damage
Reconstructed by Repair

Nerve Graft for Tendon Transfers

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Skin Cancer of the Hand

Rejuvenation of the
Aging Hand

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Nerve Graft for Tendon Transfers

If you have a tendon or multiple tendons repaired by Mr Khandwala, he will advise you on the best mode of therapy, splintage and mobilisation. You will be referred to a hand therapist who will guide you through the various exercises. You will also have a splint which protects your tendon repair. It is important to remember that tendons take 12 weeks to reach normal strength. Depending on the nature of your injury and tendon repair, you will be advised as to the best and optimal time for splintage and mobilisation. You will also be given instructions on when to start driving. It is easy to break a tendon repair following surgery and you must be especially careful about this. However, leaving a tendon immobile is not advisable as a stuck tendon will give you a poor result. It is therefore important to follow the therapist’s advice.




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